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Where To Recycle Alternators/Starters in Erin Mills
June 18, 2019
Ontario Scrap Metal recycling and Scrap Car Removal
Ontario Scrap Metal recycling and Scrap Car Removal
July 5, 2019
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junk my car for 500

So you’re ready to call the salvage yard and tell a junk car buyer to  “Junk my car for $500.” Then you’ll wait for an “Okey-dokey.” Right now, though, you’re more likely to get a sigh. Although things are much better than they were a only a few months ago the market for automotive scrap still isn’t that good to get cash for junk cars currently. Junk My Car for 500.

Sell my car for scrap

Auto salvage yards nearby want to give you an excellent price for your vehicle; they really do. If they can, it means that they will do well, too, when they move your car along for scrap metal after they buy my car. But in 2017, scrap metal prices are rebounding. So it’s hard to sell my junk car for $500 cash to a salvage yard that buys cars near me.

We buy Scrap Car and other materials such as:

  • Scrap Car
  • Aluminum
  • Brass and Copper
  • Electric motors
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lead
  • HVAC equipment
  • Steel drums
  • Appliances
  • Insulated Wire
  • Truck & Car Batteries
  • Computers, Servers & Laptops
  • Auto Scrap


The Reasons

  1. Exports are down: The Canada used to export a lot of scrap metal overseas. A LOT. To the tune of about 20 million metric tonnes each year. As recently as 2011, that number was 24 million. Not too shabby. But after that peak, the amount kept dropping until it was only 15.3 million tonnes in 2014. And that brings us to basic economics: when demand is low, prices are, too.
  2. The Canada dollar is up: Canada. currency is on an upswing. Sounds great, but one effect is that it’s more expensive for other countries to buy American goods. And when products cost more, importers often buy fewer. That leads to, well, see #1.
  3. Canada is hot: The Canada. is importing more steel. Canada’s steel industry is shrinking, so they have more to send over the border. And if the scrap is in a city close to American steel mills, it can be cheaper to import metal than to transport it from somewhere else within the United States. Add a weak Canadian dollar to this mix, and imports are where
  4. Increasing imports of steel: China produces steel comparatively cheaply to sell to other countries, including the Canada Because of this, other steel-producing countries are losing business. Where do they go then? To the Canada! As more and more steel is coming in from other countries, American steel mills are not doing well. Since demand for their product is lower, they don’t need as much scrap.
  5. The Internet: Makes it easier for others to compete for cars and it’s lead to a globalization of auto sales. There is now greater competition from countries all across the World, most of which have less regulations.
  6. This will all lead to a volatile market so be cautious.
  7. Learn more about some facts and statistics behind the industry.

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