Ontario Scrap Metal recycling and Scrap Car Removal

junk my car for 500
Junk My Car for 500
June 27, 2019
Scrap Metal Recycling Burlington
Scrap Metal Recycling Burlington
July 12, 2019
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Ontario Scrap Metal recycling and Scrap Car Removal

Ontario Scrap Metal recycling and Scrap Car Removal, We paid instant top cash for your junk cars between $300 to $5000 with free scrap cars removal and no hidden charges. Serving Greater Toronto Area from many year of experience of cars removals, auto recycling and disposal industry.

What kind of cars we can take?

We can take all type of vehicles any make and model, dead or alive, end of life vehicles, vehicles that are too expensive to fix, too old, accidental damage, scape problem, underground parking, not driven since last few years, no title or ownership, no keys, no wheels or just a body shell or written off cars all we take them all with a fast possible pickup within one to one and half hour (60 to 90 minutes). Getting rid of scrap cars is a very easy process but unfortunately there are lot of misleading companies out there. At Ontario Scrap Metal recycling and Scrap Car Removal we will do everything we can to help you to get the best value of your scrap vehicles. Call us now and get the best offer and get rid of your unwanted cars right away. Call Now +1 416 628 6044

How much we pay for scrap cars removals?

Scrap Cars for Cash The price you get for your vehicle will be depending on a variety of factors. For example what kind of wheels (steel or aluminium rims), all parts there, parking status (on ground of underground), catalytic converter original or aftermarket and finally if you need a flatbed or a regular tow truck. We offer price over the phone just confirming about the rims and your vehicle detail, for other factors we assume that car is complete and everything is there. To find out the value of a scrap vehicle simply fill out the quotation form at the top of this page and our website or call us anytime to get quote instantly.

Who will pay you for your Junk Cars

The tow truck driver who will come to your place to pickup your vehicle will be the one paying you cash for junk car on the spot. Once you have accepted a quote from our site we will dispatch your order to the first available driver. Call you for confirmation of your order and coordinate pickup time with you to remove your scrap car (we pick-up all type of vehicles within 90 minutes or at your convenient time).

Driver will then inspect the vehicle and remove it from you premises after making its payment. When scrapping your cars you should always ensure that get it removed by authorized and ministry approve scrap yard or recycling facility. Recycling a vehicle is a slightly different as the car may have been purchased by somebody. Who has the intention of repairing it and returning it to the road at a later date or with the intention to use parts for another vehicle. Ontario Scrap Metal recycling and Scrap Car Removal only enables buyers which have the most trusted reputation when it comes to selling your scrap cars.


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