scrap car removal no wheels
Scrap car removal no wheels
October 29, 2019
Scrap Metal Recycling Prices Sell Metal Scrap
Scrap Metal Recycling Prices | Sell Metal Scrap
November 20, 2019
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Scrap wire BX Wire recycling

At Ontario Scrap Metal Recycling we are glad to buy all evaluations of scrap metal from you, including everything from new metal cuts. Bar metal and blended metal to metal bar borings, metal borings. And metal radiators.

Metal stays one of our most well-known piece metals and we put forth a valiant effort to furnish our clients with the most aggressive costs on the day they enquire as qualities will. In general, vary continuously – and once in a while the hour! Scrap wire BX Wire recycling.

What you have to think about Recycling metal

Making metal from simply new copper and zinc is profoundly uneconomical and a genuine misuse of crude materials; especially if there’s sufficient piece metal accessible for Recycling. In the GTA Toronto Ontario. metal makers utilize for all intents and purposes 100 percent metal piece to make their items and parts.

Brass Recycling – Sell Scrap Brass

Metal isn’t only a singular organization. It’s comprised of compounds of copper and zinc going from five to 40 percent in amounts. Moreover, littler measures of other alloying components are incorporated to give improved properties. including:

  • Aluminum – to improve protection from erosion
  • Manganese, iron, tin, and aluminum – to improve generally speaking sturdiness
  • Lead – to improve machinability

Scrap Wire Prices Date 11-14-2019

Name of Metal Material Type Price (CAD)
Auto Cast Ferrous $ 195.00 Ton
#1 Heavy Metal Ferrous $ 115.00 Ton
Oversize Steel Ferrous $ 80.00 Ton
Oversize Machinery Ferrous $ 75.00 Ton
Dealer Chip Ferrous $ 115.00 ton
Shred Ferrous $ 90.00 Ton
White Goods Ferrous $ 60.00 Ton
Copper Bare Bright Non-Ferrous $ 2.98 lbs
Copper #1 Non-Ferrous $ 2.83 lbs
Copper #2 Non-Ferrous $ 2.62 lbs
Copper #3 Non-Ferrous $ 2.25 lbs
Brass Clean Non-Ferrous $ 1.75 lbs
Brass Dirty Non-Ferrous $ 1.20 lbs
Extrussion Non-Ferrous $ 0.41 lbs
Stainless Steel Non-Ferrous $ 0.40 lbs
Alternators Non-Ferrous $ 0.30 lbs
Cast Aluminum Non-Ferrous $ 0.27 lbs
Starters Non-Ferrous $ 0.26 lbs
AC Compressor Non-Ferrous $ 0.17 lbs
Electric Motor Non-Ferrous $ 0.15 lbs
Aluminum BX Cable Non-Ferrous $ 1.00 lbs
Aluminum Car Rims Non-Ferrous $ 0.59 lbs
Aluminum Low Copper Non-Ferrous $ 0.40 lbs
Aluminum Rads Non-Ferrous $ 0.32 lbs
Ballast Non-Ferrous $ 0.12 lbs
Copper & Brass Mixed Non-Ferrous $ 2.10 lbs
Copper Auto Rads Non-Ferrous $ 1.65 lbs
Lead Wheel Weight Non-Ferrous $ 0.20 lbs
Mixed Wire Non-Ferrous $ 0.50 lbs
Sealed Unit Non-Ferrous $ 0.15 lbs
Taps/Faucets Non-Ferrous $ 0.50 lbs
Zinc/DieCast Non-Ferrous $ 0.51 lbs

Note: The above scrap metal prices are in Canadian Dollar of drop off the scale at Ontario Scrap Metal Recycling. Scrap metal prices are subject to change anytime without any notice.

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